What is ethics in organizations and why is it important?

What is ethics in organizations and why is it important? WTC abril 05, 2023

Ethics in organizations is more important than ever. Not only for the image that a company projects towards its clients and the general public, but also to attract the best talent, those professionals who can add a lot of value to the business.

Companies are no longer simply the place where employees go to work, and their lives do not start at six clock, when they leave the office. Now, companies must have values and talent will want to identify with them. And it is that the type of worker is changing, and more and more millennials are part of the staff of any organization and, for them, things like diversity at work and sustainability are very important.

Yes, we are talking about brand identity, how a company makes decisions, employer branding... and many other things. Whats more, business ethics also determine how an organization acts and what decisions it makes, and this can even affect legislation.

environmental ethics
Every company, no matter how small, has an impact on the environment. Whether due to energy consumption, noise emission, gases, waste production, etc. This is why organizations must decide how to address this consequence of carrying out their activity. One of the basic values of business ethics will be sustainability.

In an interview we did with Emilio Duró, he told us about the importance of sustainability for companies today and tomorrow. The interviewee assured that those companies that are not sustainable will end up disappearing sooner rather than later. Well, the problem of climate change is one of the biggest concerns worldwide, and both consumers and talent will not forgive a company that does not comply with this premise.