Colombia does not improve in the Corruption Perception Index: there will be changes in the coming years!

Colombia does not improve in the Corruption Perception Index: there will be changes in the coming years! WTC marzo 06, 2023

- Colombia obtained 39 points out of 100 in the 2022 Corruption Perception Index (IPC). This indicates that the country continues to face serious problems in terms of corruption.

- Its position in the ranking fell, going from 87th to 91st place among the 180 countries evaluated.

- The strategy proposed by the new government in the new National Development Plan could be an opportunity to achieve changes, together with measures to prevent corruption in the consolidation of peace and respect for human rights.

Bogota, January 31, 2023

Transparency International presents the results of the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for 2022. The rating confers scores between 0 and 100, where 100 indicates that the country is perceived as very transparent, while 0 indicates that it is perceived as very corrupt . A score below 50 indicates that the country faces serious corruption problems.

Colombia in the world scene

Colombia received a score of 39 points out of 100 and is ranked 91 among the 180 countries evaluated by the CPI. Compared to last year, the qualification obtained did not change, while in the global ranking it suffered a drop of 4 positions (in 2021 it was ranked 87th out of 180 countries). This decrease is explained, in part, by the case of five countries that shared position and score with Colombia in 2021 and that improved their performance. Since 2012, Colombia rating has fluctuated between 36 and 39 points, without achieving statistically significant changes.

The world average remains unchanged for the 11th consecutive year at a score of 43 out of 100 and more than two-thirds of countries (122) have a serious corruption problem, with a score below 50. Globally, countries with The best performers in the CPI 2022 were Denmark (90), Finland (87) and New Zealand (87), while Yemen (16), Venezuela (14), South Sudan (13), Syria (13) and Somalia (12). ) continue as the countries with the worst rating.

In the Americas, the average obtained was 43 points out of 100 for the fourth consecutive year. The three countries with the best rating were Canada (74), Uruguay (74) and the United States (69), while the worst rated were Venezuela (14), Haiti (17) and Nicaragua (19). In this region, the lack of decisive action to combat corruption and strengthen public institutions fuels the activities of organized crime, which undermines democracy and human rights, threatens the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and causes violence, environmental damage and migration throughout the hemisphere.

Corruption, conflict and security: the axis of the CPI 2022